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Wool Dryer Balls are a great for your dryer!  
They can effectively reduce your drying time
from 20-40% depending upon the size of the
load.  They are also an all natural way of
softening your clothes without those expensive
dryer sheets that are known for being
carcinogenic (cancer causing).  
These dryer balls will last in your dryer load after
load.  It is recommended that two balls per an
average size load and three for large loads.  Just
leave them in the dryer and your ready to go!
Dryer balls do not remove all the static from
nylon and polyester fabrics, but still leaves your
clothes soft and dry. These make great gifts!

Price: $6.00 ea
Shipping/Handling costs not included.
'Paca Poo Fertilizer is a must for your vegetable or flower gardens.  Alpaca poo adds nitrogen,
potassium and phosphorous to the soil; important ingredients for healthy plant growth.   The
fertilizer from the Alpaca does not contain seed pods, as in other farm animals (cows, horses,
goats) so you won't get any surprise weeds in your garden.  It works great straight from the
bag or as a liquid.  'Paca Poo does not "burn" your plants/flowers, as other manures/composts
do.  You can also add it to your compost pile,if you prefer.  
Master Gardeners and Horticulturists alike, love the results they see from 'Paca Poo.  Give it a
try; you won't be disappointed!

Dry: Add a few pellets (depending on size of garden/plant to the soil and mix it up well. Then
watch your gardens grow.
Liquid: Poke a few small holes in the bottom of the bag and set in a small bucket of water
(app'x. 2/3 water to 1/3 pellets).  Leave it for 24 hours overnight or for a few hours in direct
sunlight.  When the water turns to a dark tea color, your liquid fertilizer is ready to use directly
on top of the soil.  

$2.00 per bag (Quart size)
$6.00 Gallon
Please call for larger quantities.
Shipping/Handling costs not included
'Paca Poo
Dryer Balls
Jacob Sheep Yarn
Jacob Sheep wool spun with brown Alpaca in a Bulky Weight yarn.  
Each skein is 200 yds.   Soft and beautiful.

Price: $20.00/skein
Shipping/Handling costs not included
Coming Soon:  Alpaca Roving & Yarn in Medium Fawn and
Medium/Dark Gray.  
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