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The Jacob Sheep is a unique breed of sheep that takes
its name from Jacob, father of the 12 Hebrew patriarchs.  
As a young man, Jacob worked for his uncle Laban. After
tending his uncle's flocks for many years
, Jacob was
compensated for his work by receiving all the spotted
heep as his wage.(Genesis 30:32)  He placed spotted
branches around the watering holes to encourage the
ewes to conceive spotted lambs.  The story also tells how
Jacob had a dream from God instructing him to use only
spotted rams for breeding.  This sound advice created
an almost entirely spotted flock and is probably one of
the oldest documented references to selective animal

They are also known as the "shepherdess' sheep due to
their small size and gentle disposition.  They commonly
have 2, 4 or even 6 horns and the Ewes are known to
have twins or triplets.  
They are known for their great fleece which spins a nice
yarn and are also known for their meat.  
The Jacob Sheep Breeders Association registers the
sheep to help keep the characteristic as pure as possible
from its heritage in the Old Testament.
The Huacaya (pronounced Wuh-kai-ya)
Alpacas are from the species Vicugna
pacos, commonly known as the alpaca.
Huacaya Alpacas are fluffy like teddy
bears and their fiber is dense to their
body, much like would be seen in sheep.

The hair of the alpaca is called "fleece"
or "fiber" rather than "fur" or "wool".  

The Huacaya is an adorable, docile and
soft domesticated pet. In South America
they live high in the Andes. They are
related to llamas, but are not used as
pack animals but are raised mainly for
their soft wool.

The Alpacas are the smallest members
of the camel family.  Their average
height at the shoulder is 3 feet.  They
are 4-7 feet long and weigh 121 to 143
Home of Huacaya Alpacas
             and Jacob Sheep

Shepherds: Pat & Danita Slatton
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